After finishing the newest season of my favorite Netflix


 After finishing the newest season of my
favorite Netflix show I said, “Nothing is missing in my life, I am complete!”.

It was a silly thing to say because a television series could never make anyone
truly complete. That feeling rightfully comes when your spiritual, emotional
and physical needs are being met. People often look towards pets, jobs, hobbies,
possessions, substances and quick fixes to feel complete. It is really our need
to be loved and adored by others that drives our want to feel whole, and it is
why we are not able to feel whole on our own. I know that I personally need a
significant other to complete me because I cannot fulfill my needs and reach my
full potential with friends, family and earthly accomplishments alone.

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I can be happy and become very successful
in life without a significant other and without feeling complete. I have lots
of friends and family members who never found “the one” but have proven that
statement. They have an abundance of joy, they have fun, they have a strong testimony
in Heavenly Father and His plan, they are successful in their careers and keep
amazing relationships within their families and friend groups. They have
beautiful happy lives but not completeness. Luckily we are all blessed with more
opportunities to find completeness in a significant other beyond the grave. I know
that I can be an independent, empowered, happy, and successful woman but I know
that I can still feel incomplete without an equally independent, empowered,
happy, and successful man by my side.

Being a wife and mother does not
sound like fulfilling vocations or passions from a worldly point of view. From
a worldly point of view, I am very unaccomplished and incomplete. I am currently
career-less, my grades are below average, I haven’t excelled at any of my
hobbies, I don’t have a lot of friends (on Facebook or in reality) and I don’t
own the best clothes and makeup.  Many times
I have gotten stuck in the rut of thinking that I will feel complete when I can
check those things off my list. Those accomplishments will help me gain a
better quality of life but I believe that feeling complete does not occur
solely in response to fixing my own issues. It occurs when two people equally strive
to meet each other’s spiritual, emotional and physical needs while raising a
family in the gospel.

The argument, “I can feel complete on
my own,” is appealing because it is rooted in selfishness and there are
countless scriptural examples of pride and its downfalls. The joy of accepting
someone for who they are, serving them, supporting, encouraging, and fulfilling
their needs is where individual growth flourishes. The growth that is
personally attained when lifting up and loving a person more than yourself through
endless trials is what makes you feel complete. It is an experience that I can’t
obtain by doing anything else. I need a significant other to complete me because
I cannot feel fulfilled on my own. Not because I’m weak, needy, dependent, or
naïve, but because the best way for me to feel whole is by lifting up another
through mutual spiritual growth, understanding, and love. A significant other
will love me, challenge me, and help me grow to reach my full potential in ways
that other relationships can’t. That is why I need a significant other to make
me feel fulfilled, accomplished, and complete.