Considering immigrants were to get deported back to Mexico

that there are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States,
this issue of illegal immigration continues to be a controversial topic in the
United States.  Illegal immigration is
when foreigners from other countries enter the United States without inspection
or without an immigration visa.  There
have been recent arguments on whether illegal immigrants should be allowed to
stay in the United States, or if they should be deported back to where they
came from.  Most of these illegal
immigrants are from Mexico.  If these
illegal immigrants were to get deported back to Mexico it would impact the
Unites States more negatively than positively. 
Illegal immigrants do not pose a threat or harm the United States in any

is a source of great strength for the United States.  According to Center for American Progress,
immigrants have always been vital assets to the United States economy and
contributed greatly to the nation’s total economic output and tax revenue.  If we accepted illegal immigrants and gave
them citizenship, they would benefit the economy tremendously.  Researchers found that “in 2013 immigrants
added $1.6 trillion to the total United States gross domestic product, or GDP”
(American  This is money
just from the undocumented immigrants, so imagine if a mass deportation was to
happen numbers would decrease drastically. 
America has to realize it’s about the numbers and facts not about how
society feels.  Numbers do not lie, if
the GDP has acutely increased why deport those people out of the United States. 

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a pathway to citizenship by the government is constructed for the undocumented
immigrants, then more undocumented immigrants could engage in the formal
economy.  But so many illegal immigrants
are here so they are very limited to what they can do and they move in caution
because they do not want to get caught and deported back to where they came
from.  It should not be hard for
undocumented citizens to become United Stated citizens, pathways should be
easier assessed and should not be so time-consuming.  Researchers say “on average it takes five year
or longer to receive full citizenship to the United States” (American
Immigration Center).  How long it takes
alone itself explains why immigrant come illegally.  Instead of the Government trying to continuously
find ways to send illegal immigrants back they should try to find solutions to
help these illegal immigrants get citizenship in a timely manner.

Action of Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a program to protect eligible immigrant
youth who came to the United States when they were children from
deportation.  The program gives you a
work permit and protects you from deportation. 
The program allows undocumented children to pursue a higher education
and higher workforce. Recipients are able to request DACA, which last for two
years, and is subject to renewal, but does not provide lawful status.  DACA is a great program and benefits immigrants
and the United States by increasing the number of taxpayer and making the country
more stable.  According to United States
Citizenship and Immigration Services “There are about 800,000 DACA recipients,
also known as DREAMers” ( 
DACA has made an immediate impact on job wages and had increased

have argued that illegal immigration poses a terrorist threat on the Unites States.  According to James A. Lyons, author from Washington Times, a retired Admiral, and
former Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet, “It is an acknowledged
fact that since we have refused to secure our borders, we have facilitated the
transit and infiltration of affiliated terrorist and narco-terrorist”.  The immigration bill in the United States
needs to be more rigorous in order to protect the country from outside threats
and terrorism.  One way to limit who
comes to the United States is to crack down on bored security and be stricter
on who is allowed to enter the country.  Other
arguments posed against illegal immigration is that they skipped a long line of
other immigrants trying to get citizenship. 

illegal immigrants take jobs, they also create more jobs for Americans.  The argument about immigrants stealing jobs
is bogus due to the fact that most immigrants works in low-skilled jobs
normally not filled by Americans.  What
many fail to realize is that if more money is spent then more jobs are
created.  Also majority of illegal
immigrants pay taxes.  So are illegal
immigrants really bad for the economy?   Just the little primary work immigrants do
affects the economy in a positive way.  Regardless
of the status of immigrants, they are an important part of the economy.  The 12 million undocumented immigrants living
in the United States today contribute $11.64 billion in state and local taxes
each year. 

to Kurt Eichenwald author of Newsweek, “A 2006 report by the state comptroller estimated
they added $17.7 billion to gross state product, including contributing $424
million more to state revenue than they consumed in government services, such
as education, health care and law enforcement” (  Illegal immigration benefits the United
States economy through additional tax revenue, expansion of the low cost labor
pool, and increased money in circulation. 
Illegal immigrant normally takes the low paying jobs that other
Americans will not take such as. 

the nation would deteriorate significantly if all illegal immigrants were sent
back home.  According to USA Today
Editorial Board, “removing large numbers would have a very significant impact
on the business that employ them” (   If
mass deportation was to happen today the United States would be willing to lose
just about $1.6 trillion when 12 million illegal immigrants are sent back to
where they came from.  Mass deportation shows
a bigger threat to the United States than allowing illegal immigrants to reside
in the United States.  Considering that
illegal immigrants take the low paying jobs, if they were deported back to
Mexico there would be a lot of vacant jobs or even Americans who expect higher

the easy-sounding solutions the government has come up with, such as building a
wall or having mass deportations or even getting rid of the DACA program is
ridiculous.  Building a wall would cost
hundreds of billions of dollars to accomplish essentially nothing.  If immigrants want to come over illegally
they will absolutely find a way no matter what the U.S government says or does.  If immigrants hit an obstacle such as the
wall they will only find a new route or new method.  A wall cannot stop people from getting on a
plane and flying over and not returning home. 
It is so many other ways to get to the U.S.  These solutions essentially only make the problem
worse because immigrants see this as another reason for them to come over to
the U.S or even stay past the day they are supposed to return back home.

conclusion the government should make the process to citizenship a little
easier and less time consuming.  A lot of
immigrants look at the time it takes just to be considered a U.S citizen so they
feel the process is easier if they just come over the border illegally.  Despite what a lot of people think you have
to take these individuals into consideration, thinking about how they want to
live a better life and pursue happiness. 
For a government that boasts about freedom and everyone having the right
to happiness, highlights just how much the government contradicts its own
self-proclaimed traits.