Have They used ingredients to make these delicious sensation

Have you ever wondered what breath mints were like before our time then i could tell you. The candy breath mints in modern day life  are in a lot more versions like altoids,peppermints,lifesavers and candy canes and gum but the egyptians didn’t have the stuff we had like toothbrushes and toothpaste. They didn’t have dentist they didn’t have the technology. I have always wondered what time and why they were created. If you wondered that then i can tell you.   They needed something good for them that wasn’t they hard on their teeth. So they made the breath mint they needed it so their breath would not stink and they’re teeth would not rot. The breath mints were breath life savers. They had poor dental hygiene.             For some mints they used herb oil but others plain herbs and not oil. They used good Smelling herbs and oil. It really helped their breath alot. They used ingredients to make these delicious sensation in the mouth they used mint oil,peppermint oil,cinnamon,myrrh and spearmint. The mints were shaped in pellets they were white,brown and green. People have examined mummies and that proved that the egyptians had poor dental hygiene. The teeth rotted because of another reason. The teeth rotted because they used stones to grind up ingredients like flour and they had things like sand and grit in it so the enamel broke. That is another reason. Breath mints were well created and helpful for them. They are helpful to us today. I thought that was helpful.                         That was very interesting don’t  you  think . I’m glad  i  was able to teach you these cool facts. Sometimes you should do your own research it can help you. I hoped i helped you learn about the egyptians. Read this carefully  you do not want to miss anything. I worked hard on this.   Bibliography1. www.shub’s thoughts.com                   2. www.ancient pages.com 3. www.ethos3.com