Most new knowledge.2nd Access to information for example many

       Most of the students who
are teenagers now adays drink,smoke and some use drugs.Adolescence  is roughly 
considered to be the period between 13-19 of age.The adolescence stage
not only physcal growth but also emotional,psychological,social and mental
change and growth.To be specific were talking about grade 11 students,At this
stage students commonly  change of personality,behavioral
patterns habits and goals.Very often problems  students face 
in the process of growing up  are
complicated by problems of with their parents,friends and at school because we
all know teenagers thinks what there doing is right which is wrong.They want to
prove to other people they are mature already. Grade 11 Students really use
internet connection actually most of all students but in our research it states
grade 11 students.There are positive and negative effects that can affect the
student’s behavior in School.1st negative effects,Students attempt
to multi task.They are trying to check out social media sites while studying.This
leads to reduced academic performance because the student is distracted by all
these social media sites.2nd Students spends more time  on social sites,and much  lesser time on spending time in person and
also lack of sleep that leads to sleeping during in class.3rd Many
students who are not constantly evaluating 
the content which they are publishing onlineand some students posting
social media not thinking before clicking we don’t know they will be reported
and the school can receive a report of the student’s problem,this affects your
records in school.Next lets move on to the positive effects,1st It
Facilitate Online learning for example students search for the meaning of this
and can gain new knowledge.2nd Access to information for example
many groups that students joing through online platforms,that related to their
study,environment and much more specially when students waiting for the mayor’s
announcement if there are no classes or classes push through.3rd It
helps to build relationships for example in facebook you add someone and you
chat eachother until it reaches to the point the girl and the boy became very
close and then became bestfriends and more level up became soulmates.Not just
that but also  you can communicate with
friends where to meet and what time if you have laags and group activities regarding
to academics specially projects,group assignments and other performance task.This
develops the student’s communication and how they interact with other students
or people and can apply to their academics.In summary it depends on how
students use internet if they know how to manage their time or not,If students
chose to do the negative effects well it will reflect on how you perform in
school for example procrastination it is very common to students,sleeping in
class, not being able to pass the assignment or project and lack of knowledge
in class. All of these leads to failing in class on the other hand if you use
internet in a right way well it will also reflect on how you perform in school
for example you have new knowledge and able to answer questions to the teacher,Gain
more confidence to self in front of the class or answering in test,being a good
leader because you know how to interact to other people well.Trained to be a
independent student because you know how to use internet and think what is right
and wrong will lead you to the right path to success.